We have a few events coming up in June and July that we would like you to “Save the Date” and attend if you can.

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  •  LMPA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  2016 – Monday, June 13th – location to be determined, stay tuned!
  • 2016 4th OF JULY BOAT PARADE – Monday, July 4th (rain date, Sunday July 3rd) – more details to come!
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Town Meeting Announcement – 2016

 Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

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April 30, 2016

To: Lake Area Residents

As many of you know, Hopkinton’s Annual Town Meeting takes place Monday, May 2nd at 7:00, in the Hopkinton Middle School auditorium.  There will be an item concerning funding for the control of excessive aquatic weeds at Lake Maspenock in the budget.  The “Lake Maspenock Weed Management and Control Advisory Group”, formed at the direction of the Hopkinton Selectmen, has been thoroughly evaluating this issue over the last 7 or 8 months.  A professional consultant, with extensive lake management knowledge, was hired by the town to assist and advise the town committee.  The purpose of the Town’s Advisory Group is to identify the type and scope of the problem and evaluate ALL available methods of controlling the excessive weed growth.  Each method of weed control is being rated in terms of safety, effectiveness, cost and feasibility.  The goal of the Group is to create a long-term plan for managing the lake.  No recommendations have been made yet, and it is anticipated that their evaluation will not be ready until late summer or early fall.  At that time the Group’s recommendations will be presented to the public and Selectmen.  The Selectmen will make any decisions concerning the Group’s findings and they will control if, when, and how any funds are spent.  The public will have opportunities to ask questions and provide input prior to any final decisions being made.  It is important that the requested funds, included in the budget for the coming year, be available to implement the weed control method or methods ultimately approved by the Selectmen.

The Lake Maspenock Executive Board supports the Weed Control Advisory Group and believes they are performing an extensive evaluation of the problem and the options available to solve it.  It is clear that whatever recommendation is ultimately made by the Group to the town will have been objectively arrived at.  The LMPA Executive Board urges all to attend Town Meeting to support the funding requested for the control of the excessive aquatic weed growth.  If additional information is desired, please go to and select the link to the “Aquatic Vegetation Advisory Group”.

It is anticipated that the topic will come up early on in the meeting so please be on time.


Thank you,


The Officers and Executive Board

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association


Bald Eagle Nesting

There are now more eagles nesting in Massachusetts than any time in the recent past, and we need your help keeping track of them! Please report eagle sightings to Andrew Vitz (MassWildlife’s State Ornithologist, Many of our nesting eagles are banded with coded-color bands that identify the individual, so make sure to look for these leg bands whenever you see or photograph an eagle. We are particularly interested in getting reports of birds carrying sticks. When there is evidence of a new breeding territory, our staff verifies the report as they monitor known nests. MassWildlife will conduct its Spring Eagle Survey on Friday, April 8. The Survey consists of coordinated teams of staff and volunteers who spread out across the state to check on historic nest sites and look for new nests.

Public Forums to Discuss Comprehensive Weed Management and Control Plan

The Hopkinton DPW, Conservation Commission, Parks & Rec. Dept., in concert with the Advisory Group, will sponsor two Public Forums for Hopkinton residents on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  Forum location for both meetings to be at Hopkinton Town Hall, Room 215.

A formal Comprehensive Weed Management and Control Plan will be developed for control and monitoring of noxious and invasive weed problems specific to Lake Maspenock.   Hopkinton residents are urged to participate in the Public Forums and the online Survey on the Town’s website in order to provide feedback, ask questions and increase their awareness about benefits and ecological impact from proposed methods of weed management.  Town wide public understanding and support of the Plan is critical at Town Meeting for approval and financing of the Weed Control Plan.

Online Survey:

Upcoming Advisory Group Meetings, Public Forums and additional information will be posted in Town Hall and on the Town website;

Boating Safety Class – March 12th and March 19th, 2016

Below is the link to sign up for the boating safety class which will be held on March 12 & 19, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm each day.  You must attend both days to get certification.   Please keep in mind that this class is open to the general public and fills up quickly.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2016

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

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Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2016

Start time:  7:05 pm

Attendance:  Malcolm, Drew, Tina, Patty, Matt, Jaime


  1. Treasurer’s report-

Regular account:  $2,006.40

Weed fund:  $5,008.13

Both checks were cashed from Spindel Island


  1. Draw down –Re-fill to normal winter draw down levels should start this week

Should start 1/15, waiting for deep freeze.  John W. trying to get extension from Con. Comm.

  1. LMPA weed committee

It was decided that we would not pursue an LMPA Weed Committee at this time, due to the Town Sponsored committee working on the issues.

  1. Town weed advisory committee –

The committee met Thursday, 1/7.  Good meeting.  Scheduling two public meeting for town input

            One at town hall – February 9th proposed

            One at Senior Center – February 27th proposed

All methods will be discussed.

There was a speaker from Dudley Pond, talked about what they did (studies, herbicides, mechanical harvesting, etc)

Need to vet all alternatives and get feedback

The committee will put together a survey and publish on Town Website

We can publicize on our Website and FB page as well


MassDep water quality Summit February 5th


  1. Article in Metrowest paper, November 15th concerning Community Preservation Committee funding – Money to install boat ramp at Sandy Beach?

Boat ramp was damaged by someone taking out their boat, a truck got stuck and had to be towed.  Damages some of the concrete blocks.

Malcolm to contact Eric Sonnet about why this is necessary.


  1. Boating safety course – Need to find a location

Tina to check with Rick O’Dell about Rod & Gun Club space

Jaime to check with FCCC church for space


  1. Winter Social – Saturday, 1/23

Food so far (meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, asparagus/prochuitto/shrimp/calzones) 

Patty to advertise on website and FB

Bring sweatshirts, etc to party to sell


  1. New Business

Be aware of burglary off of Dineen Road

Keep your eyes open for your neighbors.

  1. Next meeting?

Time:  Tuesday, FEBRUARY 2nd

Place:  Tina’s

  1. Motion for adjournment –
    1. Malcolm
    2. Second – Patty

End time:  8:30 pm