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September 18, 2016

Lake Area Residents:

After a beautiful summer, it is now approaching the time that the annual draw down of the lake begins.  The timing of the draw down is mandated by a permit received from the Hopkinton Conservation Commission and must begin no earlier than September 15th and no later than October 1st.  The exact date can vary from year to year based upon the level of the lake coming out of the summer.  The formal draw down has not yet commenced because of the drought conditions that we have experienced this summer. The reduction of the lake level now occurring is from natural evaporation.  The formal draw down will not begin prior to October 1st unless we receive significant precipitation in the next week or so.  The exact date that the draw down will commence has not been set, but please understand that it could start any time between now and October 1st.  This year’s reduction in the level of the lake is anticipated to be 48-52 inches.

Please be aware of the draw down process and arrange for the removal of boats and docks accordingly.

Have a great autumn,


The Officers and Executive Board

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

Public Forum Announcement from DPW and Weed Management Advisory Group


The Hopkinton DPW, Conservation Commission, and Parks & Rec. Dept., in concert with the Advisory Group, will sponsor a Public Forum for Hopkinton residents on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

A formal Comprehensive Weed Management and Control Plan will be developed for monitoring and control of nuisance and invasive weed problems specific to Lake Maspenock. Hopkinton residents are urged to attend the Public Forum in order to provide feedback and ask questions about benefits and ecological impact from the proposed plan (‘the Plan’). The Plan is expected to be submitted to the Board of Selectmen in late October 2016.

Additional information will be posted in Town Hall and on the Town website;


Inaugural LMPA Cornhole Tournament and Fundraiser – Saturday, July 30th!!!

Cornhole Tournament Invitation and Form

Registration open!!

Inaugural LMPA Cornhole Tournament and Fundraiser

Saturday 12-5 pm, July 30th 2016

  • Limited to 20 x 2-person teams, open only to LMPA members initially. Register now to secure your spot!
  • Double elimination tournament – you are guaranteed at least 2 games
  • $20/person entry fee. Cash prizes and trophies to the top finishers.  Payment due at sign up.
  • There will be 6 houses around the lake where games will be played. You will need to move to different locations as you advance.    There will be a few pontoons available for transportation if you need it!
  • After the finals, there will be a potluck dinner with the LMPA providing burgers and dogs.

2 options to sign up:

  • Online via PayPal or Credit Card :   scroll down to “Cornhole Tournament” or:
  • Send registration form (link above) and check for $20 ($40 for a team of 2) to “LMPA”
    • c/o Tina MacConnell, 6 Downey Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748

We need Cornhole sets!    If anyone has access to a set of cornhole boards and beanbags please email the




LMPA Annual General Meeting – Monday, June 13th – 7:00 PM



Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

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The Annual Lake Maspenock Preservation Association General Meeting

MONDAY, JUNE  13, 2016

7:00 PM

KO Sushi and Grill Restaurant – UPSTAIRS
Hayward Street, Hopkinton

The Annual Lake Maspenock Preservation Association General meeting will be held on Monday, June 13, 2016.  The meeting will be at KO Sushi and Grill, Hayward Street, Hopkinton.  Please go directly upstairs for the meeting, we will be providing appetizers and there will be waitress service as well.   Please try to attend and be on time for the meeting so that we have adequate numbers to conduct association business. A minimum quorum of 20 members is required.

There are three open positions on the Board that we will be voting on:

Treasurer – currently held by Tina MacConnell – Tina would like to continue

Executive #3 – currently held by Mark Sexton

Executive #4 – currently held by Mike Riley – Mike would like to continue



We have a few events coming up in June and July that we would like you to “Save the Date” and attend if you can.

Please refer to our new tab – EVENTS – for updated information as it becomes available.

  •  LMPA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  2016 – Monday, June 13th – location to be determined, stay tuned!
  • 2016 4th OF JULY BOAT PARADE – Monday, July 4th (rain date, Sunday July 3rd) – more details to come!
    please see information in EVENTS tab for further details


Town Meeting Announcement – 2016

 Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

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April 30, 2016

To: Lake Area Residents

As many of you know, Hopkinton’s Annual Town Meeting takes place Monday, May 2nd at 7:00, in the Hopkinton Middle School auditorium.  There will be an item concerning funding for the control of excessive aquatic weeds at Lake Maspenock in the budget.  The “Lake Maspenock Weed Management and Control Advisory Group”, formed at the direction of the Hopkinton Selectmen, has been thoroughly evaluating this issue over the last 7 or 8 months.  A professional consultant, with extensive lake management knowledge, was hired by the town to assist and advise the town committee.  The purpose of the Town’s Advisory Group is to identify the type and scope of the problem and evaluate ALL available methods of controlling the excessive weed growth.  Each method of weed control is being rated in terms of safety, effectiveness, cost and feasibility.  The goal of the Group is to create a long-term plan for managing the lake.  No recommendations have been made yet, and it is anticipated that their evaluation will not be ready until late summer or early fall.  At that time the Group’s recommendations will be presented to the public and Selectmen.  The Selectmen will make any decisions concerning the Group’s findings and they will control if, when, and how any funds are spent.  The public will have opportunities to ask questions and provide input prior to any final decisions being made.  It is important that the requested funds, included in the budget for the coming year, be available to implement the weed control method or methods ultimately approved by the Selectmen.

The Lake Maspenock Executive Board supports the Weed Control Advisory Group and believes they are performing an extensive evaluation of the problem and the options available to solve it.  It is clear that whatever recommendation is ultimately made by the Group to the town will have been objectively arrived at.  The LMPA Executive Board urges all to attend Town Meeting to support the funding requested for the control of the excessive aquatic weed growth.  If additional information is desired, please go to and select the link to the “Aquatic Vegetation Advisory Group”.

It is anticipated that the topic will come up early on in the meeting so please be on time.


Thank you,


The Officers and Executive Board

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association