About LMPA


Mission Statement

The Lake Maspenock Preservation Association (LMPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing, preserving and protecting the quality of the lake and its watershed through the promotion of responsible, effective environmental and educational policies.

The mission of the LMPA, to preserve and protect the lake environment, can only be met with the involvement of people like you and we greatly appreciate your support.

The LMPA Board Members and its Officers are comprised of volunteers from around the lake community.  We make every effort to respond to requests, emails and communications as soon as we are able.  Thank you for your understanding and patience with the Board as we try to keep the Lake Maspenock community and the Towns of Hopkinton, Milford and Upton informed of important events and issues happening to the lake.

Lake Maspenock Facts and Figures

  • The surface area is 234 acres.
  • In its original form, it was probably 30 to 40 acres.
  • The lake is bounded by  the towns of Hopkinton, Milford and Upton.
  • The lake is approximately 2 miles long and 2,000 feet wide at its widest part.
  • At Its outlet the lake drains approximately 1,813 acres.
  • “Lake Maspenock” literally means, choice fishing place or excellent fish pond.
  • The lake eventually flows into the Blackstone River and then into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • It takes approximately 260 days to fully displace the entire volume of water.
  • The lake contains approximately 619,116,900 gallons of water.
  • The lake has an average mean depth of 8 feet.
  • The flow rate of water is approximately 28 feet per second.
  • The lakes base elevation is 348 feet. The lake is at the longitude of 75.50 and a latitude of 88.60 421055N 0713312 W.
  • Lake Maspenock is a “Great Pond”. The ordinances for great ponds were created as far back as 1641. A great pond is a body of water greater than 10 acres and its ownership (more or less) is the state.

Download Brochure: LMPA Brochure 2016