LMPA Annual General Meeting – Monday, June 13th – 7:00 PM



Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

Website: www.lmpa.org             Email: lmpa.org@verizon.net


The Annual Lake Maspenock Preservation Association General Meeting

MONDAY, JUNE  13, 2016

7:00 PM

KO Sushi and Grill Restaurant – UPSTAIRS
Hayward Street, Hopkinton

The Annual Lake Maspenock Preservation Association General meeting will be held on Monday, June 13, 2016.  The meeting will be at KO Sushi and Grill, Hayward Street, Hopkinton.  Please go directly upstairs for the meeting, we will be providing appetizers and there will be waitress service as well.   Please try to attend and be on time for the meeting so that we have adequate numbers to conduct association business. A minimum quorum of 20 members is required.

There are three open positions on the Board that we will be voting on:

Treasurer – currently held by Tina MacConnell – Tina would like to continue

Executive #3 – currently held by Mark Sexton

Executive #4 – currently held by Mike Riley – Mike would like to continue


Executive Board Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2016

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

Website: www.lmpa.org         Email: lmpa.org@verizon.net

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2016

Start time:  7:05 pm

Attendance:  Malcolm, Drew, Tina, Patty, Matt, Jaime


  1. Treasurer’s report-

Regular account:  $2,006.40

Weed fund:  $5,008.13

Both checks were cashed from Spindel Island


  1. Draw down –Re-fill to normal winter draw down levels should start this week

Should start 1/15, waiting for deep freeze.  John W. trying to get extension from Con. Comm.

  1. LMPA weed committee

It was decided that we would not pursue an LMPA Weed Committee at this time, due to the Town Sponsored committee working on the issues.

  1. Town weed advisory committee –

The committee met Thursday, 1/7.  Good meeting.  Scheduling two public meeting for town input

            One at town hall – February 9th proposed

            One at Senior Center – February 27th proposed

All methods will be discussed.

There was a speaker from Dudley Pond, talked about what they did (studies, herbicides, mechanical harvesting, etc)

Need to vet all alternatives and get feedback

The committee will put together a survey and publish on Town Website

We can publicize on our Website and FB page as well


MassDep water quality Summit February 5th


  1. Article in Metrowest paper, November 15th concerning Community Preservation Committee funding – Money to install boat ramp at Sandy Beach?

Boat ramp was damaged by someone taking out their boat, a truck got stuck and had to be towed.  Damages some of the concrete blocks.

Malcolm to contact Eric Sonnet about why this is necessary.


  1. Boating safety course – Need to find a location

Tina to check with Rick O’Dell about Rod & Gun Club space

Jaime to check with FCCC church for space


  1. Winter Social – Saturday, 1/23

Food so far (meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, asparagus/prochuitto/shrimp/calzones) 

Patty to advertise on website and FB

Bring sweatshirts, etc to party to sell


  1. New Business

Be aware of burglary off of Dineen Road

Keep your eyes open for your neighbors.

  1. Next meeting?

Time:  Tuesday, FEBRUARY 2nd

Place:  Tina’s

  1. Motion for adjournment –
    1. Malcolm
    2. Second – Patty

End time:  8:30 pm

Executive Board Meeting Minutes – October 6, 2015

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

Website: www.lmpa.org         Email: lmpa.org@verizon.net

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015


Attendance:  Patty, Tina, Mike, Sabine, Matt, Jaime

Start time:     7:15 pm


  1. Review and discuss any changes or clarifications to the meeting minutes from August 10th and September 1st Bd. Meetings Vote to accept the minutes, post meeting minutes to the website after board approval

Changes made to minutes, vote to post

            Motion:  Patty

            Second:  Tina



  1. Treasurer’s Report –

Regular account:  $3,218.84

Weed Fund:  $5,707.29

Constant new memberships and donations coming in.


  1. Lake Clean Up

October 17th, 9:00 am

As usual, coffee and donuts at 9:00 am

Pizza for volunteers at 12:00 pm

Dumpster will be delivered and picked up on Oct. 17th in the afternoon.

Need to recruit volunteers, Sabine to reach out to FB memberships and the high school for volunteers.

Reminders to be posted on website and Facebook – Patty



  1. LMPA Weed Subcommittee

Need to get subcommittee formed in order to get research and information out to general public of Hopkinton. 


Talked about scheduling 3-4 “coffee sessions” like the schools did at Water Fresh.  Maybe one at Ko, one at Fire Station, others TBD.


Put together an email to send to membership about re-forming LMPA weed committee.  Tina to find old email and send to Eboard for approval to send.


Ask Malcolm or Drew to contact Mike Gibbs, Dave Gibbs, Don Kaiser to see if they want to be part of the LMPA Subcommittee.


  1. New Town Weed Advisory Board

First meeting to be held on Thursday, October 8th

Jaime to report back to board on meeting agenda and what was discussed.

Jaime to ask if we can post information about Weed Advisory minutes to our FB page and website.


  1. New Business

Chronicle had a nice report on Lake Life.  Patty to get video of the program and post on Website and Facebook.


Ask Malcolm to respond to Hopkinton Independent request for interview. 



  1. Next meeting: Tuesday, November 10th, 7:00 pm, Tina’s house


            Motion to adjourn:           Patty

            Second:                                 Mike



End time:  8:20 pm